New Paradigms in Electronic Transactions

Meet the Team

Systems41, Inc is a company that was formed with an insatiable desire to protect the individual consumer for safe online transactions. John Bell, the founder of Systems41 came up with the idea, the concept, the name, and the prototype for Pay41 (for one).

John Bell, President

Mr. Bell has more than twenty years of corporate experience in technical consulting and product development as a Systems Engineer, Founder / President of multiple business entities, and Technology Licensee of several patents at the University of Utah. Additionally, he is also a current member of the “Entrepreneur Launch Pad” whose mantra is “Entrepreneurs Helping Entrepreneurs”.

Mr. Bell handpicked a management team that is comprised of knowledgeable professionals with many years of practical working experience in the Banking and Information Technology industries.

John Bo, Chief Financial Officer

John Bo has 30 years of professional experience in Management, Administration and Control of Accounting, Finance, Payroll, Regulatory Compliance, and Tax Operations within the Service Industry. Mr. Bo has served as a Chief Financial Officer in multiple companies for 12 years, has a B.S. in Accounting from Westminster College, and is a Certified Public Accountant.

Robert Kuhn, Chief Operations Officer

Robert Kuhn has 30 years of professional experience in the Information Technology, Banking, and Regulated Industries performing Program Management, Project Management, Administrative Management, and Development activities. He has had multiple Business Ventures and has been an Independent Business and Technology consultant since 1998. Mr. Kuhn has been the Delivery Manager for a major Consulting Firm within the Baltimore and Washington, DC area where he managed 53 professional Information Technology professionals. Additionally, he has managed an International Business Entity with eight Point-Of-Sale locations throughout the world.

Harold Nolte, Information Technology

Harold Nolte has 30 years of professional experience in the Information Technology and Service Industries performing Project Management and Technical Development activities. He has been an Independent Technology consultant since 2006. Mr. Nolte has also been the author of over 350 technically focused articles and has served as Vice President of the TLC Business Networking Group since 2010.

Mr. Nolte’s team currently consists of eight professionals. The Information Technology team has a combined total of over 160 years technical development experience. Their disciplines include Product Development, Security Implementation, and Platform Architecture.

Jason Kuhn, Marketing and Sales

Jason Kuhn has 15 years of professional Relationship Management experience within the Marketing, Sales, Certified Training, and Graphics Design disciplines. Mr. Kuhn has Direct and Channel sales experience with multiple fortune 100 companies. Past territories have covered the entire United States.

Mr. Kuhn’s business activities have included Project Management, Return-On-Investment Analysis, Account Management, Requirements Definition, Course Development, and Business & Technical Equipment Coordination. Mr. Kuhn’s team currently consists of three professionals. The Marketing and Sales team has a combined total of over 45 years in Relationship Management, Service, and Sales experience. Their disciplines include Market Segmentation, Return on Investment Analysis, Strategic Partnering, Business Development, Customer Engagement, Account Management, and Graphics Design.

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